Western Trends in the 2020

One thing that does not stay the same is the fashion trends that we follow. Every new season brings with itself new styles that become the talk of the town. If we discuss the latest Fashion trends, Zara tops the list when it comes to staying at the top with their new innovative styles. It is time that you get on the new decade train that will take you to the heart of the glorious 2020. Follow the “new year new me” and take the first step by updating your closet. This does not necessarily mean that you have to throw out your old clothes. You can reinvent your closet by just adding a few core items in your wardrobe that you can pair with your old favorites. Revamp your style and rummage out the classic clothes that you have buried in your trunks. Don’t worry, we will guide you and you should remember retro clothes are your friends and so are those bell-bottom jeans that you stopped wearing in 2016. These are the times of modernized classics where fringed jackets, wide-brim hats are the real deal. It is all about bright colors, boyfriend jeans, and garters. Incorporating matte or silk can help you put a modern spin on these retro styles.

Another outfit that is slowly becoming millennial’s favorite is Office attire that consists of blazer and slacks. These power suits are perfect for a night out with your girls.

One of our favorite styles is the super comfy sweatpants and jogger pants. Staying comfortable in your skin should be the topmost priority hence styling these sweats with a plain colored T-shirt is the easiest task when you are going out either to work or to a party. All you have to do is swap those boots with a nice pair of heels and you’re good to go.

Talking about some prints such as stripes, Cheetah print, zebra print, polka dots are really coming back in 2020, these will look great when worn with boyfriend jeans or mom jeans. Bell bottoms are also a very good option.

Retro looks are not complete without the metallics and holographic. Metallic shades such as bronze rose gold or Matte Gold looks best when worn with earthly tones. Silver and grey shades of metallics go perfectly with cool tones of blue and green. Though, if you’re feeling funky you can pair these with bright vibrant colors and Blingy fabrics.

Talking in terms of structure, ruffled or puffed sleeves are also making a comeback as they are super retro and they can add a formal appeal to any plain flowy top.

And how can we Forget about floral designs but there is a certain way to pull off this bold Fashion statement. The trick is to follow the saying less is more which means that your accessories should be kept to a minimum so that the focus can stay on the bold floral design that you are wearing.

Now you must be wondering as to where you can get all of this without going broke and we have the answer. Just browse through our collection and you will find all the new trends that we have mentioned above such as trendy denim pants, comfy sweats, flowy floral tops and a wide variety of pantsuits so happy shopping!